The studio of SKYLIGHT PRODUCTION consists of two spacious halls and professional kitchen, Profoto technique, common area, shower room. The “Loft Cyclorama” space is 170 square meters of open space with a ceiling height of 4.5 meters. The space has an angle cyclorama, photo backgrounds and, upon clients’ request and pre-booking, photozones from our furniture partner “Take & Live”. This is the ideal space for photo and video shootings, conferences, presentations, close type events. Available on pre-booking. Rent cost is 400 UAH/hour. Rental conditions – not least than 2 hours. The price includes the use of common areas of the “Small Loft” space.

The “Small Loft” space is a still life photo zone, a snapshot area, a common space area, a MUaH area, a co-working space and even a zone for generating creative ideas (negotiations, retoucher’s work area). Rent cost of this space is 250 UAH/hour.

Rent of a place in a co-working space is a subject to negotiations and is calculated individually.

The “Professional Kitchen” Space is an ideal place for food stylists, photographers and restaurateurs. Available on pre-booking. The cost of rent is negotiated individually.

Rent of a working place in the MUaH zone – 100 UAH/hour from 9: 00-21: 00; night tariff from 21:00 to 9: 00 – 150 UAH/hour (minimum rent of the MUaH zone is 1 hour). In the MUaH zone, two masters can work simultaneously! ATTENTION!!! The cost of renting a working place in the MUaH zone without renting a studio space is 150 UAH per hour!

We work 24/7 by subject to prior booking and 100% subscription. If cancellations are made in less than 24 hours, the amount will not be refunded. WARNING! The zones and furniture can be changed without prior announcement on the site. We kindly ask you to specify the exposition in advance.